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Our Top DIY Heating System Maintenance Tips

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The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic winters can be dreary, cold, and piled high with snow. These heating maintenance tips will keep your home warm throughout the fall and winter—without emptying your wallet.

Change air filters

This might seem like an obvious tip, but homeowners often overlook filter changes during the busy holiday months. Place a reminder or notification in your calendar for the end of October or beginning of November so you’re on target to stay cozy through the winter months.

Clean air registers

Return registers can get grimy and dirty, restricting the flow of air through the heating system. This will cause the system to cycle on and off. Sila highly recommends vacuuming off registers. If the register has excessive dust or oil residue, simply remove the register and clean it with a gentle dish soap. Allow the register to dry before reinstalling. Make sure that all registers in your home are open and free from any restrictions. Closing vents off to certain rooms will cause restriction of air movement and the heating system will break down quicker.

Optimize temperatures for comfort

Customers frequently ask us what they should set the thermostat at during the winter. Home temperatures can vary greatly depending on the square feet and material your home was built with, so each home is different and requires a different setting. During our heating maintenance season we see thermostat settings anywhere from 68 to 78 degrees. Humidity, or the lack of it, can cause discomfort during the dry winters. Consider adding moisture with a humidifier during these months. It’ll go a long way to increase comfort and energy efficiency. Did you know that moist air holds more heat?

Check smoke and CO alarms

Make sure to install new batteries in all alarms throughout your home. Also confirm the age of your alarms as well as their locations. Replace alarms if needed.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of your home, including the basement.

Discover heating expertise you can trust

Years of regular use without proper heating system maintenance will eventually lead to decreased performance, airflow issues and overall limited heat control. Many of these issues can be prevented by simply scheduling an annual heating system tune-up, which will help your system to run more reliably and efficiently.

If your heating system is showing signs of a problem, we can help. Sila’s technicians and comfort consultants can quickly and reliably diagnose your problem, and recommend the right solution. Most new heating system installations include SilaCare, a 5-year service plan that includes annual heating system tune-ups and standard filter changes. Book online now for fast, reliable service.

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